Here are my albums ranked 16 to 11 for 1982

This is close to a greatest hits of MTV from the Fall of 1982 into 1983.  While I’m working on this, I’m listening to one of the best albums from 1983, check out Aztec Camera’s High Land Hard Rain.  There is a 30th Anniversary special double disc out.

Artist Album and Release Date
16. Madness Madness MadnessRelease Date: UK Version (Rise and Fall of Madness) October 8, 1982One of my favorite songs from this year and introduced me to SKA.  Check out the Specials.  You’ll see in my 1983 list, an album from Two-Tone that is a compilation of several British SKA bands.Our House Video:

Not on this album, but a great song from Madness, One Step Beyond:

15. INXS inxs 


Shabooh ShoobahRelease Date: October 1982A great rock album and introduction to INXS.Video for Don’t Change:

14. Dexy’s Midnight Runners dexys Too-Rye-AyRelease Date: July 1982One great song, and all they are known for in this country, but enough to be one of the top Albums from 1982.  Plus I have someone very special named Eileen.Video for Come on Eileen:

13. Culture Club cultureclub  Kissing to be CleverRelease Date: December 13, 1982I can remember hearing this for the first time while I was working in a Musicland (yes, Musicland) around Christmas 1982.  I had no idea what to make of this band, but over time it really grew on me.  It’s a great mix of many different styles.Video of Do You Really Want to Hurt Me:

12. Men Without Hatsmenwithout Rhythm of YouthRelease Date: March 20, 1982The album was released in 1982, but the big single “Safety Dance” became a hit nearly a year later.  It might be one of the best videos ever made and to me, one of the most enduring songs from the 80’s.Video for Safety Dance:

And to those that call them a One-Hit Wonder, check out Pop Goes the World, that did hit Top 20 in 1987:

11. Billy Joel billyjoel The Nylon CurtainRelease Date: September 23, 1982Billy Joel has always been one of my favorites, blending piano and rock together.  Especially in this group from 11-16, he definitely seems out of place.Here’s a link to the full album:

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