My Top 5 Albums from 1982

Sorry, it’s been so long.  Finally, here are my top 5 albums from 1982.


Artist Album
5. Joe Jackson



Night and Day


Release Date: June 1982


His big hits from this album still hold up today. This is a very under-rated album as is Joe Jackson overall.



4. Prince




Release Date: October 27, 1982


This one is really hard to believe that it was almost 32 years ago.


I can remember working at Musicland in Bayshore Mall for Christmas in 1982 when I was exposed to this album. I built a display for it. This was my first job working in a record store.




3. The Jam


The Gift


Release Date: March 12, 1982


I can thank my friend Scott for introducing me to The Jam and Paul Weller. When I get to my 1983 list, you will definitely see the Style Council rated high. This is a really fun album.


Link to the Full Album (but not in the right order):


2. Kate Bush


The Dreaming


Release Date: September 13, 1982


Kate quickly became one of my favorites with her Hounds of Love album. From this, I went backwards to hear her earlier albums.   I actually talked to her on the phone in 1989. This list is my favorite albums from 1982, not necessarily, my favorites that I experienced in 1982.


I saw that she was going to do a series of dates in the UK later this year and it sold out in minutes.   These are here first concerts in decades. It would have been fun to go to London to see her, hopefully she comes here.


Link to the Full Album:


1. Violent Femmes


Violent Femmes


Release Date: 1982 (really, this was 1982)


In 1982 I was in High School in Milwaukee. While all of these great bands from the UK were getting a ton of airplay, we had an amazing hometown band. They were playing small clubs across Milwaukee, and very slowly building a following. I remember seeing them headline at Summerfest in Milwaukee in 1983.


This album very slowly built a following over the next two years, and is known as one of the only albums to go platinum without ever hitting the top 100.


Link to the Full Album:


Also, check out the remake from Gnarls Barkley of Gone Daddy Gone:


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