Why I know the 80s music

As I have a lot of new followers of this blog, I wanted to remind everyone why I actually know 80s music.  I worked in and around music for all of the 1980s.  I started part-time working at Musicland in the Fall of 1982, right around when both Michael Jackson released Thriller, and MTV became really important.  I worked part-time at Musicland for a few years, then a local Madison, Wisconsin indie record retailer.  After this, I opened a small record store that was really a CD store with a few partners.  We built it to five locations.  I then sold my share and went back to school.  During this time, I also managed a local Chicago band and worked for the Midwest distributor of Profile and Tommy Boy.  I’ll try to dig up my picture with Queen Latifah for the release of her first album on Tommy Boy.

Below is my time sheet from Musicland from 1984.  It’s actually for Thanksgiving week, you’ll see no hours on Thursday.  I found this while I was going through all of my old albums before I recently moved.  It is really a relic.



I have started working on my favorite albums from 1983 and will begin posting about these soon.  In the meantime, let me know some of your favorites from 1983.  1983 saw the debuts of a lot of artists including Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, Big Country, Waterboys, REM, Madonna and of course Weird Al Yankovic.  And also new albums from U2,  David Bowie, Billy Joel, Genesis and the Replacements (one of my all-time favorites).  Were you into Styx and Kilroy Was Here, maybe not.  Or Kiss (without their makeup)?  Let me know.


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