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My Top 5 Albums from 1982

Sorry, it’s been so long.  Finally, here are my top 5 albums from 1982.


Artist Album
5. Joe Jackson



Night and Day


Release Date: June 1982


His big hits from this album still hold up today. This is a very under-rated album as is Joe Jackson overall.



4. Prince




Release Date: October 27, 1982


This one is really hard to believe that it was almost 32 years ago.


I can remember working at Musicland in Bayshore Mall for Christmas in 1982 when I was exposed to this album. I built a display for it. This was my first job working in a record store.




3. The Jam


The Gift


Release Date: March 12, 1982


I can thank my friend Scott for introducing me to The Jam and Paul Weller. When I get to my 1983 list, you will definitely see the Style Council rated high. This is a really fun album.


Link to the Full Album (but not in the right order):


2. Kate Bush


The Dreaming


Release Date: September 13, 1982


Kate quickly became one of my favorites with her Hounds of Love album. From this, I went backwards to hear her earlier albums.   I actually talked to her on the phone in 1989. This list is my favorite albums from 1982, not necessarily, my favorites that I experienced in 1982.


I saw that she was going to do a series of dates in the UK later this year and it sold out in minutes.   These are here first concerts in decades. It would have been fun to go to London to see her, hopefully she comes here.


Link to the Full Album:


1. Violent Femmes


Violent Femmes


Release Date: 1982 (really, this was 1982)


In 1982 I was in High School in Milwaukee. While all of these great bands from the UK were getting a ton of airplay, we had an amazing hometown band. They were playing small clubs across Milwaukee, and very slowly building a following. I remember seeing them headline at Summerfest in Milwaukee in 1983.


This album very slowly built a following over the next two years, and is known as one of the only albums to go platinum without ever hitting the top 100.


Link to the Full Album:


Also, check out the remake from Gnarls Barkley of Gone Daddy Gone:


My number 10-6 favorite albums from 1982

Sorry, it’s been a few weeks.  I didn’t forget, just got very busy.  I did really enjoy listening to these albums again.  Let me know what you think.


Artist Album
10. Duran DuranDuranRio Rio 

Release Date: May 10, 1982


The music videos told a story and had a great theatrical look and feel.


Video for Hungry Like the Wolf:


Video for Rio:


Video for Save a Prayer:


9. Roxy MusicAvalon_album_cover Avalon 

Release Date:  May 1982


More Than This is such a great song and the entire album is still a great listen.

8. Gregory IsaacsGregory_Isaacs-Night_Nurse_(album_cover) Night Nurse 

Release: 1982


This album is a great reggae album.  Definitely listen to this.


7. English BeatSpecial_Beat_Service Special Beat Services 

Release: 1982


Here’s a link to the entire album:


And a link to Save It For Later, their biggest hit in the U.S.



I have seen the English Beat (as they are known in the U.S., they are just the Beat in the U.K.) in concert twice now.  The first time was in the summer of 1983 at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin.  The opening act was Bow Wow Wow.  I still remember this concert today, and was one of my all-time favorites.  The second time I saw them was probably 7 years ago at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, they were still great, but with definitely a different lineup.


In my top 20, you can definitely see my affection for SKA and reggae.


Be on the lookout for old Beat t-shirts.  They had the best designs on their concert t’s.


6. ABCABC-Lexicon Lexicon of Love 

Release Date:  June 25, 1982


Link to the full album on YouTube:


Link to Look of Love music video:


ABC was one of my favorite bands in the 1980’s.  I did see them in concert at the Lincoln Park Zoo the year before I saw English Beat there.  The opening act was Naked Eyes, another band from the 80’s.




My Favorite Movies from 1982

As I’m trying to write up my top 10 albums for 1982, I wanted to stray from music and share my favorite movies from 1982.  I think the best criteria for this is…if it’s on TV tonight, do I still want to watch it.  This knocks things like the Academy Award nominees for that year like Gandhi and Tootsie off the list.

10. Tron – For the time, the effects were great.

9. Rocky III – Come on, Eye of the Tiger, Mr. T.

8. E.T. – Ok, this was nominated for best picture.

7. Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip – He was amazing.

6. Nightshift – This was actually a funny movie.

5. Poltergeist – This is still a scary movie.  “Do Not Go Into the Light”

4. Blade Runner – Harrison Ford.

3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Kind of dated, but still worth watching.

2. 48 Hours – This started Eddie Murphy’s movie career.  Pluto Nash, Meet Dave or Norbit killed it.

1. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan – the best Star Trek movie of all the Star Trek movies.  So good that JJ Abrams used Khan for his second Star Trek movie.  Don’t get me wrong, his movies are great, but this one is still the best.

Here are my albums ranked 16 to 11 for 1982

This is close to a greatest hits of MTV from the Fall of 1982 into 1983.  While I’m working on this, I’m listening to one of the best albums from 1983, check out Aztec Camera’s High Land Hard Rain.  There is a 30th Anniversary special double disc out.

Artist Album and Release Date
16. Madness Madness MadnessRelease Date: UK Version (Rise and Fall of Madness) October 8, 1982One of my favorite songs from this year and introduced me to SKA.  Check out the Specials.  You’ll see in my 1983 list, an album from Two-Tone that is a compilation of several British SKA bands.Our House Video:

Not on this album, but a great song from Madness, One Step Beyond:

15. INXS inxs 


Shabooh ShoobahRelease Date: October 1982A great rock album and introduction to INXS.Video for Don’t Change:

14. Dexy’s Midnight Runners dexys Too-Rye-AyRelease Date: July 1982One great song, and all they are known for in this country, but enough to be one of the top Albums from 1982.  Plus I have someone very special named Eileen.Video for Come on Eileen:

13. Culture Club cultureclub  Kissing to be CleverRelease Date: December 13, 1982I can remember hearing this for the first time while I was working in a Musicland (yes, Musicland) around Christmas 1982.  I had no idea what to make of this band, but over time it really grew on me.  It’s a great mix of many different styles.Video of Do You Really Want to Hurt Me:

12. Men Without Hatsmenwithout Rhythm of YouthRelease Date: March 20, 1982The album was released in 1982, but the big single “Safety Dance” became a hit nearly a year later.  It might be one of the best videos ever made and to me, one of the most enduring songs from the 80’s.Video for Safety Dance:

And to those that call them a One-Hit Wonder, check out Pop Goes the World, that did hit Top 20 in 1987:

11. Billy Joel billyjoel The Nylon CurtainRelease Date: September 23, 1982Billy Joel has always been one of my favorites, blending piano and rock together.  Especially in this group from 11-16, he definitely seems out of place.Here’s a link to the full album:

My favorite albums from 1982 numbers 17-20

Here are the first four of my favorites from 1982.  This is a very eclectic group, as I think you’ll see from my entire list.  What do you think?

Artist Album and Release Date
20.  The Who It’s Hard

Release date: September 4, 1982

who-its hardLink to the Video for Eminence Front: In 1982, It’s Hard was billed as the Who’s farewell album and tour.  I can remember that Milwaukee wasn’t on the tour schedule, and well, we were Milwaukee, how could we not be on the schedule.  A DJ at the local rock station decided to sit on a ledge at his studio until the Who added Milwaukee to the schedule.  They did add Milwaukee towards the end of the schedule.  Little did we know then, that the Who would have several farewell tours over the next 30 years.   Through High School, the Who was one of my favorite bands.  I saw midnight showings of both Tommy and Quadrophenia several times.From this album, I still love the long intro to Eminence Front.
19. Stray Cats Built for Speed

Release date: June 7, 1982

stray cats-built for speedLink to the video for Rock This Town:

Link to the video for Stray Cat Strut:

Rock This Town introduced me and the country to Rockabilly.  The entire album really holds up and is fun to listen to.  It’s not a surprise that they didn’t have anything else very successful after this.  One album is still enough.  I do particularly like the chord progression in Stray Cat Strut as it’s a traditional blues progression that you can find in other songs.
18. The Cure Pornography

Release date: May 3, 1982

cure-pornographyHere’s a link to the full album: My first introduction to the Cure was from the Album “the Head on the Door.”  From this I went backwards to hear their other albums.  This is a great album.
17. Simon and Garfunkel Concert in Central Park

Release date: February 16, 1982

Simon and GarfunkelSounds of Silence from Central Park: In the summer of 1983, Simon and Garfunkel played at Milwaukee County Stadium.  I can remember, getting to the stadium early with a group of friends, and waited for the gates to open to the outfield grass.  When the gates opened, we ran and ended up near the front of the stage.  The field was all General Admission seating.  I can’t imagine anything like this today.  It was a great concert and one I still remember.


Remainder of My Honorable Mention for 1982

This has taken a while to put together as 1982 was a very prolific and fun year for music.  I have updated the playlist below to include everything within my Honorable Mention.  It is now 41 songs and over 2.5 hours long.

I will start publishing my top 20 albums for 1982 this week.  They’ll be in order from 20 to 1.  I hope you enjoy.  Please let me know what you think.  This is becoming a labor of love, and quite enjoyable to create.  I’m re-listening to all of the albums.

This is the entire list of my honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Good Music, Memorable, but Not Great Albums, some awesome singles on this list.

Artist and Links Album Title and Songs
A Flock of Seagulls


A Flock of Seagulls

  • I Ran
Adam Ant


Friend or Foe

  • Goody Two Shoes


Aldo Nova


Aldo Nova

  • Fantasy


Bow Wow Wow


Last of the Mohicans (EP)

  • I Want Candy


The Clash

Combat Rock

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go
  • Rock the Casbah


Elvis Costello


Imperial Bedroom

  • Almost Blue


John Cougar


American Fool

  • Hurts So Good
  • Jack and Diane


Marshall Crenshaw


Marshall Crenshaw

  • Someday, Someway


Thomas Dolby


Golden Age of Wireless

  • She Blinded Me with Science


Eddy Grant


Killer on the Rampage

  • Electric Avenue
Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel (Security)

  • Shock the Monkey


Golden Earring



  • Twilight Zone


The Fixx


Shuttered Room

  • Stand Or Fall
  • Red Skies


Haircut 100


Pelican West

  • Love Plus One
Human League



  • Don’t You Want Me


Billy Idol


Billy Idol

  • White Wedding


Michael Jackson



  • Billy Jean
  • Beat It


Huey Lewis and the News


Picture This

  • Do You Believe in Love


Missing Persons


Spring Session M

  • Destination Unknown


Modern English


After the Snow

  • I Melt with You


Moving Pictures


Days of Innocence

  • What About Me


Alan Parsons Project


Eye in the Sky

  • Eye in the Sky


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


Long After Dark

  • You Got Lucky


Psychedelic Furs


Forever Now

  • Love My Way





  • Subdivisions


Simple Minds


New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)

  • Promised You a Miracle




Sweets from a Stranger

  • Black Coffee in Bed


Billy Squire


Emotions in Motion

  • Everybody Wants You




Famous Last Words

  • It’s Raining Again




Eye of the Tiger 
Talk Talk


The Party’s Over

  • Talk Talk


Thompson Twins


In the Name of Love 



  • Reap the Wild Wind


Wall of Voodoo


Call of the West

  • Mexican Radio




Under the Big Black Sun

  • Riding with Mary




English Settlement

  • Senses Working Overtime


Yaz or Yazoo


Upstairs at Eric’s

  • Don’t Go


First Ten Honorable Mention Albums from 1982

Here is a playlist from the first ten artists for Honorable Mention. Over the next several days and this coming week, I will complete the Honorable Mention list and then start releasing my top 20 for 1982. I hope you enjoy.

And by the way, I apologize in advance for some of the video clips from YouTube. I did my best to get the actual videos, but in some cases they were copyright protected and not posted on YouTube.

Let me know what you think, but I do realize it’s hard to give feedback without seeing the entire list.  I’m working on it.  I felt it was very important to have an Honorable Mention.  I’m defining Honorable mention as 1) Good Music, 2) Memorable, 3) but Not Great Albums.  And there are some awesome singles on this list.

I updated the list in my posting from 4/14 so I removed it here.